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Meet the team...

Unlike big gyms, where you are just another number, Bodyline Fitness keep it personal. We're big enough to get exceptional results but small enough to genuinely care and spend the time to support and focus on you.

Lucky Scalone

Founder & Head Personal Trainer, accredited Exercise and Sport Science Degree. Specialising in weight loss and body transformation through personalised programing and nutrition, tailored to clients goals.

Sara Iarossi

Studio Manager & Nutrition Coach, helping clients develop and create a better relationship with food.

Rob Linhart

Personal Trainer, accredited Exercise and Sports Science Degree. Helping clients and members transform their lives through healthy living and exercise. Specializing in rehabilitation, weight loss & building strength.

Ryan Brady

Personal Trainer, accredited Exercise and Sports Science Degree. Helping our members achieve weight loss, strength and conditioning with a background in rehabilitation.

Joseph Boutros

Personal Trainer, accredited Exercise and Sports Science Degree. Helping members with building a healthy lifestyle routine and working on member goals with weight loss, toning and strength training.

James Ardagna

Personal Trainer.

Mitchell Parsons

Personal Trainer.

We deliver faster & more sustainable results using science...

Bodyline's Personal Training is like no other! If you're ready for life-changing results without the hype or fuss, you've come to the right place!

We DON'T use generic copy/paste programs like most trainers do... We use science and data! Each and every Bodyline client receive a tailored science-based program. This ensures you will see maximum results in as little time possible without injury...

1. Understanding you...

We take the time to understand what's really important to you, your goals, your concerns and anything that may have held you back in the past.

2. EVOLT 360 Bio Scan

The first step to achieving the body of your dreams is a 15 minute state of the art non-invasive Bio Scan to understand your total body composition.

3. Our Scientist reviews your data

Your results are reviewed by our Exercise & Sport Scientist which completely eliminate any guess work.

4. Your Personal Blue Print

Your data is then used to formulate a Blue Print for your experienced Personal Trainer who will be there to support you every step of the way.

5. Personal Nutritional Guidance

You receive personal nutritional advice from our qualified Nutrition Coach to ensure you get the most from your functional training.

6. Real, Sustainable Results!

You are unique, that's what makes you special! And that's why our tailored approach works every time!


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State Of The Art Brand New Facility...

Bodyline Fitness provide a fun, friendly and supportive environment for you to focus on exactly what works for you. We've just launched our brand new facility.

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Each and every one of our clients are on their own unique fitness journey. The one thing they all have in common though are the results!

The New You Starts TODAY!

The only way to break the cycle and create the life you deserve is to start right now! Not tomorrow... right now!

It can sound daunting, but once you take action your life will never be the same and you'll never look back!

You don't need all the answers now, you just need to understand you're not alone and you owe it to yourself.

Bodyline Fitness are dedicated to taking you from where you are, to where you want to be. We guide you through every stage of the journey and provide the people, the support, the science and training to achieve the body of your dreams!

Don't let another year pass without the results you deserve!

The truth is, becoming the best version of you doesn't require a special date and you shouldn't waste another minute...

Maybe you're one of "the lucky ones" and this is the first time you've started looking at ways to improve your strength, health or wellbeing...

OR, you could have great intentions but keep putting it off, waiting for a special date or a fresh new year only to find that another year has come and gone. And each time you try, it feels like its getting harder to take action and make a start...

Putting your healthy new lifestyle off a single day longer will ONLY make it harder on yourself!

Starting now means going into the holiday season with peace of mind knowing you have the support you need to come out stronger than ever on the other side!

You owe it to yourself!

When was the last time you did something for yourself?

It's so easy to get caught up with the stress of day-to-day life and keep putting yourself last.

It's important to understand, it is completely natural as a human being to get distracted and forget about the most important thing in your life... You!

Have you asked yourself - "What do I need", and more important - "What do I actually WANT for myself now?".

You may have some idea what a healthy new you looks like, or you may have no clue at this stage... by simply being on this page shows you're ready for change.

All change happens in a minute... It's time for you to take the first step towards your journey now...


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